Paint the Town

Photo Credit: MissMayoi (Flickr)

by Carson Rio

In the town of Nightwidow, every citizen wore crazy things like harlequin leggings, face paint, and striped shirts. Everything was either pitch black or stark white, with no color in between.

Carma sat in front of the vanity in his bedroom applying his face paint. The town certainly wasn’t boring, not at all. Carma could see this plain fact since birth. He occasionally glanced out the window, to see Chery, a boy from school, cartwheeling down the sidewalk.

Nightwidow, despite its odd inhabitants and unique buildings, was not a popular tourist destination. In fact, it had been called “dull,” “weird,” and “abnormal” in several newspapers. Nightwidow was never a dull place. It was just a sad carnival that never traveled.

Carma swung his feet over the windowsill and hung onto the rung beneath him. He monkeyed his way down and strolled down the sidewalk in his usual lanky strides. He had gotten used to the black and white town. So used to it, he didn’t understand what he saw, when he noticed a bright red splash of color he had only seen once before in a faraway city.

He stared in awe; a girl no younger than he leapt gracefully down the sidewalk in front of him. She had purple lipstick, bright leggings the color of water, a puffed, striped dress with enormously fluffed sleeves, and bright… red… hair.

Suddenly, Carma watched as the world shifted around him. Walls became bright, cars became painted, and his eyes could no longer take how bright everything had become. His entire world had been colored into a wild circus of yellows, blues, and reds as far as the eye could see!

She smiled at him, and spoke with a voice like high-pitched piano keys.

“Hiya! My name’s Jinxx!” She beamed.

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