by: Garret Harrison

We use marks to show ownership
Where we’ve been, to prevent getting lost
But marks
The ones we show ourselves
Are the ones that are most effective.

They make us remember things
Remember importance
But we will forget the reasons
And all that is left is a reminiscence of importance

Is it worth it?
To remind yourself of the past
To not forget what is needed to be forgotten?
For you will never move on
Stuck in a haunting loop of remembrance.

Show these marks to others
They will forget
For it is not there problem
But yours alone.
Don’t let these marks
Blind you from now
Nor the future ahead.

Forget them, erase them
But if they are permanent
You signed for a life-long scar
And you will never forget.

For it is either ignorance
Or the need for attention
Or the quickest way to get rid of pain
Then, you will regret
But never forget
The scars you have given yourself

For these scars are just a mark
An excuse to say, I’ve been there.
But the bravest are the ones
Who don’t show the scars
Who hide away their feelings
Who make others feel happy.

They are brave
For the mark they leave, is their grave.

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