The Animus Of Life

Photo Credit:  Riccardo Romano (Flickr)

By Carlos Miramon

An odd phenomenon, questioning the reality of our existence. Creating the inquisition of finding our purpose in life. What is it that we must do to determine our fate, future, and prosperity?

There is no answer.
There is only the fact that life is not what we make it, not what we think that we could do. It is what we can do.

Our decisions are what shape our lives. Whether they be good or bad, there is no definite answer of how it will play out. We are born, live, then decease. What are we to do within that time period?

Absolutely everything that you desire. To live life to the fullest, per say. There is no intent, in which we should become what others want us to be, nor be controlled by natural occurrence.

That’s the beauty of it.

We are able to control, and manipulate our actions, in order for us to create said life. Without it, life would not be a “phenomenon,” rather it being a dull art. A black and white photograph of different shades, but no expression. Or a life in which we have no choice but to let destiny take over. Life is an art, and we the artists. We are the ones that are allowed to create a stroke here, or make a mark there. We can create the different shades of life. Defining darkness to be dismal, isolated. Or create bright, colorful and jubilant wonder!

Life will prove to be strange, odd, or out of place among our world. But it is the familiarity of choice that makes it become that way. It is what we can do to craft that beautiful, bright masterpiece of life. There is no reason that we should create a dark and segregated art. No one but yourself, can be convinced enough to make life the best it can be;

Bright,Strange, and Beautiful.

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