A Dream is but a spirit


Photo Credit: familymwr (Flickr)

By Ethan Pike

A Dream is but a spirit,
Haunting at night,
Each ghost an agenda,
Of ideas to alight.

No two spirits the same,
For each thoughts take time,
No two clocks the same,
In the whirlwind of mine.

When the age has come,
Spirits arrange to leave,
Word of mouth sends their soul,
To a home where they may grow.

Not all of them make it,
For they contain a soul,
For once they leave it all,
The person will fall.

Spirits are in every breath you take,
Only a tiny sliver,
For the elder you are,
Your friends become you.

Souls anew at every birth,
To find a child in the new
For the moment after their first breath,
They are themselves.

For the innocence of a child,
The purest beauty of them all,
Lasts until the second breath,
Where life begins for a soul anew.

When night descends upon the live,
The ghosts begin their fun,
Taking turns in your head,
To eliminate their goals

Some spirits control the mind,
To put their dreams down,
Paper and pencil is permanent,
For books are but death tolls.

Forgetfulness is the bane of dreams,
Forgotten at daybreak,
Only lost by the light,
Escaping to freedom through the mind.

Each minute passing ends a life,
Experiences pass along to fly,
A dream is the epiphany of spirits,
Who save the human soul.

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