I’ll Meet You in Your Nightmare

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

By Paige Jacobs

The girl woke up sweating. Her head spun and her eyes felt watery. “Honey? Are you alright? Sweetheart?” a female, foreign voice questioned, and the girl felt a need to scream. So she did. “Sweetheart please, you’re okay, there’s nothing to be afraid of!” She looked around her, but she saw nothing but an endless inky darkness. “It was just a nightmare,” she said to herself. What was she talking about? What was the voice talking about? The word was new to her, but the girl decided quickly that she hated the word. Nightmare. “E-error–llie.” a new voice spoke, and as she blinked, colors and sight flooded her senses and she saw she was in the woods, on the forest floor. “Yo-error–d–error-ng,” The voice was deep and filled with a suffocating static, like a tv that had been playing on the wrong channel. “ELLIE—err-error–STEN–ME.” She jumped at the loud tone the voice had taken. The voice yelled again, but she couldn’t understand. Her vision blacked out, and she thought one last final thought before falling back to sleep. How does a dream fight a nightmare? And that was an answer she would never hear.

Name: Ellie Mince, Age: 5, Born: December 8th, 2011, Died: October 5th, 2016

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