Staff Spotlight: Mr. Charlick


Photo Credit: Carolyn Graham

By: Ethan Rampersaud

To most people, biology means the study of life. To some students at Pasco High School however, it has a special meaning, the meaning being an amazing class with a teacher who spent a vast amount of his life enriching the lives of so many others. The teacher that encompasses this definition is Mr. Charlick.

Teaching for 24 years ever since 1992, Mr. Charlick has taught a myriad of students over his long teaching career. When he was asked about his most memorable moment in all of his teaching career, Mr. Charlick replied, “The most memorable moment was when I was selected by my peers to represent Pasco High School as teacher of the year.” What made Mr. Charlick want to teach science was Mrs. Dinsmore, his college biology teacher. Mrs. Dinsmore told him that he had a gift for teaching, and that he needed to use that gift to help others learn biology, and hopefully study biology further into the future. His role model is Mr. Boles, a former social studies teacher at Pasco High School. Mr. Boles had that robust and rigorous character in the classroom, which Mr. Charlick tries to emulate in his classrooms today.

Mr. Charlick did not have a favorite core subject in school like mathematics or English. Rather, he enjoyed the electives. These electives included art, drafting, wood shop, and metal shop. Some of these electives are not taught in the classroom anymore. What Mr. Charlick remembers about high school the most are his teachers. He especially remembers Mr. Bollowcatcher, his funny and enthusiastic teacher who helped him maintain focus in school.

When asked what invention he wanted to see in the future, he said that he wanted an invention that washes glass lab tools, since his students dirty most of it up during labs. Mr. Charlick’s favorite theory is the Theory of Evolution and his favorite Law is the Law of the Conservation of Mass and Energy because he says, “it helps students understand biology perfectly with those theories and laws.”

If time and money were no factors in life, Mr. Charlick would still be doing the exact same job, except he would get his assistant to help him with all of his paperwork, since he is swamped with paperwork from outside the classroom. A movie and television series that he would recommend is Star Trek, because he believes the creator, Gene Roddenberry, is a “genius.” Mr. Charlick also added, “He saw the future, predicted the future, and it’s becoming a reality.”

Mr. Charlick is an exemplar for all teachers. He has a love of teaching,  energetic character, and the knowledge and the sense of humor to make his students successful in the real world.

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