A Flower River

By: Paige Jacobs

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Have you ever heard…Of a river that runs dry, but only in one day? It stops at the rocky cliff, not daring to slide off into the water below. Why? Because it was afraid. It was afraid of being unique, it was afraid to fall from that river they’d nicknamed “normal”, it was afraid to be anything different than what it was meant to be. That’s why the river dried up. You can only have so much calm and normality before everything starts to crumble apart. But that, is what makes it so beautiful. Not the fact that they leave, but the fact that they’ll come back stronger, and they’ll be together again. No matter what they may think, everyone has to change sometimes. The water does, the plants do, and…You do. You change and you burst out beautiful petals that show off how unique and different you are. Because you…Are everything. Your life has an effect on the world, you, in your own special little way, make the world go around.


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