What Takes Courage

By: Ethan Rampersaud

Photo Credit: Creative Commons


Mrs. Stevens,


I have tried to formulate an appropriate response to today’s prompt, but find it very difficult to muse. However, I have attempted to answer to the best of my ability and as simple as can be done.

Firstly, I believe that courage is nonexistent. Living courageous, being courageous, and the word itself is a facade for fear. I declare this because science itself has proven it so. When used to help rather than hinder, fear can be powerful and can help someone achieve their full potential. When fear is used contrarily, it can lower a person’s esteem and self-status.

I would like to make an example looking at the days of early man. When their ancestors came down from their trees and started walking, they were facing a new, vast and perilous world. As it is their nature, the early man is scared. Nevertheless, they keep exploring this new world rather than climb back up to the trees. When they encountered dangers and hazards, man created tools to suit their needs and survive their obstacles, whether it was a predator or the weather conditions. The early man kept creating more innovations and inventions; the wheel, the control and use of fire, the domestication of crops and animals, and many more tools and ideas that have stood the test of time. So, the question is not, “What takes courage,” it is what takes positive fear.

However, I have digressed, and I apologize for doing so. But by writing on this I have found the answer to your prompt. It takes positive fear to take risks, whether it be your life, your finances, or your dignity.  Occasionally, risk yields reward, and sometimes, it does not. But it is the benefits that man has reaped and what has allowed us to change and grow throughout human history.

I hope my response sufficiently answers your prompt.



Ethan Rampersaud


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