Are We Too Connected?

By Ethan Rampersaud

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

The internet and computer are boundless; there is so much with them. People can communicate, talk text, et cetera. However, are they too much into this boundless world that we miss out on what is truly important in life? Many argue that this claim is true, but many also argue that it is not.

Honestly, it depends on who you ask. Most older and more educated people will claim that the internet and electronics are creating distractions and are wasting important time for newer generations that could be used for quality time with their family and study time for homework and classwork. But who can truly say which side is right?

Looking back to the television, this gives us insight on the beginning of being “too connected.” Invented in the 1920s by Philo Farnsworth, this device did not just allow someone to hear sounds like the radio, but it allowed people to see visual images on screen for the first time from far away places. Eventually, a few decades later, people started inventing television dinners for families to eat while they sat around watching the television. So instead of most families sitting down at the dinner and having interactive communication, they are busy staring at a television screen, never talking until advertisements.

Back in the present day, this separation has increased with more mobile devices, such as touchscreen devices and devices such as the Nintendo 3DS, and the development of social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Children are spending less time with their parents and are more attracted to these devices, isolating themselves with their family.

However, one should also not jump to the extreme that they should also be with their family. Sometimes, children do need time by themselves to enjoy themselves and relax. If video games, social media and electronic devices are their meaning of fun, parents let them enjoy it. However, they should get their children to have some time with their family.

Going back to the question, are people too connected? Yes. But do they need to enjoy time outside of school and their family? Yes. All there needs to be for both younger and older generations is a middle ground. Younger generations can be on their phones and interactive devices and spend a little time with their family and doing schoolwork.  Overall, everyone benefits and no one loses.







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