ster·e·o·type- ˈsterēəˌtīp/Submit noun 1. a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

By: Paige Jacobs

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

You may not feel like it, but stereotypes rule the way you think of people. It applies to everyone, and as much as you try not to, it just comes out naturally. Society so far has made few efforts to even stop this, and in many cases it leads to bullying. The school board attempts to stop bullying in schools, but its hard to stop it at the roots. Stereotypes can crush a persons self-esteem for years, and it may cause students to drop out, or commit suicide. This is a very serious case that we need to focus on, we need to make efforts to extinguish these problems, and make sure that people can be who they want, and to be able to be unafraid of what people will think.

But sadly, a lot of things will cause this to not happen, one of them, being religion. When religion comes into a conversation, people may feel scared, tired, inspired, or ashamed. Religions may inspire unacceptable behavior, it may spur on hatred for a person who may be a homosexual. They may not approve of it, but to go as far as to kick children out of their own homes, or to verbally abuse one another because of gender or race, or sexuality…Its absolutely disgusting.

We call ourselves a human race, but we were really late to see that it’s really not a race, people’s ego’s are taking up the space, and it makes everything harder for others. People are broken every single day because of these labels, because of these stereotypes. It crushes people, YOU crush people when you treat them differently, YOU can’t let people be themselves because you’re disgusted with it. When in reality, you should be disgusted with yourself. You’re quick to judge, you label people whether you mean to or not, and others do it to you as well.

But when you make the thoughts your words.

Y o u  c a n  k i l l  s o m e o n e . . . . .

So please, think twice before you speak, it can take away a persons future.

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