The Midas Camera

By: Ethan Rampersaud
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

My grandpa owned an old Kodak camera he had with him in the 1920s. He took it to India, New Caledonia, and even Russia. But one day, he encountered a clever and mischievous gypsy on the streets of Madrid, Spain.

“I will grant you one wish you desire,” the gypsy said to my young grandpa.

“Then in that case, I want to have a planet’s worth of gold,” my grandfather jokingly replied.

“Then that you shall have!” the gypsy exclaimed while making an obsequious gesticulation.

Grandpa was skeptical and believed that the gypsy was spewing nonsense, but when he decided to take a picture of the Temple of Debod, the temple and its tourists all turned into gold statues of their former selves. Grandpa, mortified at the scene, decided to conceal the camera and its power secretly for decades.

But sixty years later, his grandson, me, happened to find the key on the floor in Grandpa’s house. Finding it, I decided to search for the keyhole, as it was not a regular one, having a star shape. I found a drawer with the star shape, and unlocking it, found the camera Grandpa concealed in a time long ago.

Being inquisitive, I decided to try the camera out. Assuming there was film, I snuck outside and took a picture of the oak tree Grandpa had outside his house. When I took the picture of the grand tree, it turned into 24 karat gold, and so did grandpa’s house. When I went inside to tell him what had happened, he had also become a gold figurine like the others he had made in Madrid.

Saddened and angered at what I had caused, I flew into a fit of rage and flung the camera on the floor. All of the sudden, the house, the tree and everything else the camera had snapped turned back into its old self in a wisp of smoke! I had done it, I had broke the curse the gypsy had put on this camera long ago.

“Grandpa, grandpa!” I said as I rushed to him. “Are you okay?”

“Of course I’m okay grandson,” he replied curtly, “Now how about you clean up that mess you made?”

Although he was the same cantankerous grandpa I knew, I was still glad he was back.

By: Ethan Rampersaud


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