Human = Homo sapien

By: Avery Jennings
Photo Credit: Creative Commons



We are only human.
How simple can we be?
Only a word to describe a species.
That is all.
Nothing more.

Homo sapien.

We are put on this earth,
Small and meek,
Freshly made to be influenced,
By the voices in our homes,
And they tell us their beliefs,
and we never make our own,
So we carry on believing,
That we are better than the rest,
That as one color,
We are more worthy,
But our colors never matter,
When we are only human.

Homo sapien never discriminated,
Homo sapien never judged,
Homo sapien never prejudiced,
For petty things like love,
like color,
like sex,
like gender,
As Homo sapiens,
We are one.

One species,
One race,
One Humanity.

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