From the point of view of the trees

By Jana Connelly
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Oh, look at those two…
Lovers? Kids?
What do we even call them
They can’t be in love
They just met less than a week ago
How can they be in love so quickly,
Get married so hastily,
Think that the world is out to get them because they are enemies in love?

Then again
Maybe they are in loveI mean look at the way he gazes into her eyes
Look at the way she holds him tight
The boy even crossed enemy walls,
Risked being seen and killed,
Just to catch the way the moon hit her face at night
And outlined her every feature
Just to spend one more second with the light of his day
Getting to know more about her

Us trees can’t even love this way
The way that she loves him
The way that he loves her
The way that they love each other
Such a shame our inspiration for love is gone
One sedated by the same blood that runs through our veins
Soon bled the blood from their own
One murdered by the apothecary’s deadliest mixture
Both completely taken by the blinded eyes of hate

Tragic, but
If history were to repeat itself
We should soon have another tragic love story
One that will inspire us
One that will sadden us
One that will bring together or break apart the town
But even with this
We shall never forget
The story of Romeo and his Juliet

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