Day VS Knight

By: Brody Gommier
Photo credit: Creative Commons

Love is comparable
To the blade of a conqueror
Or the words of an emperor
Who can complete or end someones life
With one breath
Love is similar
To a hot iron skillet
Or a freezer to chill it
Both of which change the degrees
Like a protractor
Love is a contractor
Who can build you up
Or wreck you to the ground
And continue to pound you
Until you’re weak at the knees
Begging, “love please”
Have mercy on me
Love is both day and night
Providing warmth and light
While being cold and dark
Riding in on it’s horse
Saving the princess, and slaying the dragon
But which one am I?
Because sometimes,
I fear I’m the dragon
Tearing the towns and the townspeople
Sometimes, I fear I’m the townsperson
Letting my dragon rip me to shreds
Putting myself back together
And then getting broken
Sometimes, I Fear
I’m no one at all
I’m the person no one wants to call
Or cuddle with in the fall
Or go to the mall, or
I’m the freezing night of the winter
Nobody likes me because I’m cold and bitter
And while during those hot summer days
Eyes start to gaze
At the cold
And you think, “I wish I was there”
But when you get there,
You want to go back
Because not only is the grass
Not greener, but
It’s also a bit meaner
It’s demeanor is old and senile
And you’re left in denial
Thinking, “it will work out”
But like a New Year’s Resolution
It doesn’t
Sometimes I fear I’m moving too quickly
Like the distance from the port when a ship leaves
And that same ship is too worried about missing out
That it rushes headstrong into the torrent
Waves crashing, bow thrashing
The S.S. FOMO is going down
And as sudden as it appeared within
It has disappeared under
I’m the knight in shining armor
Rescuing the maiden from
The grips of evil,
But as if it’s what she wanted
She goes back into the darkness
Instead of staying in the light I provide
And it’s that moment I realize
That real eyes can see real lies
She says she needs help but she’s
Just fine
And I lose my shield
And my castle walls are torn down
And my grin turns upside down
To reveal that hidden frown
That’s been there all along
Even before I was the unwanted Knight
“Sir Romeo”, they call me
“The most foolhardy of them all”

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