By: Nicole McAllister
Photo Credit: Creative Commons


How can love be so beautiful yet so painful,

Why can beauty become a dagger ripping through your soul,

A poison killing you faster than you know,

And still be a drug to your dying soul,

Morphine to your pain,

Somehow still the cause of your pain,


Why must love be so strong that lovers would rather kill themselves than be without the other even for a moment,

How is it possible that love which can be the cause of so much pain,

Still heals so many broken hearts and shattered souls,

Why must our hearts be turned from stone to silk just so that we may be alive for a moment,

Then killed by our passion the next,

AND how is it possible that love can be so unpredictable that even the worst of enemies can fall in love,

Why must Love be so two-faced yet still so one-sided,

An angel one moment then a demon then next,

Showing itself to only one person almost as if to torture that person,

To let them suffer,

Like Romeo and his Rosaline,


When did Love become so deceiving,

So cruel and arrogant,

When did Love begin wearing a mask made from it’s former glory,

Made from the beauty it always was and now only rarely is,


Oh Love!

Cruel beauty,

Deceiving angel,

Sweet tyrant,

Why must you be this way,

Why must you make us so often feel that without the one we love we would be better off dead,

Dead like Romeo and Juliet,

Lying next to each other in the Capulet tomb,

Dead so that they might be together once more.

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