Home For The Holidays

By Kathleen Locklear
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

“What are you going to do for Christmas Mrs. Smith?” One of her students asked excitedly. Being the teacher of a second grade class, it was needless to say around the time of the holidays was one of the most hyper, energetic time of the year (besides Halloween). “Well, uh, I’ll probably just be spending time with my pets!” She said, trying to sound excited, as to not ruin their good mood. Her husband was away over seas for the Army, and had just recently told her he wouldn’t be able to get leave for the holidays. “You don’t have anyone to spend it with?” Celia asked, sounding shocked. “Well, my husband Steve is in the Army, and he’s not going to be able to come home. But enough of that! Now Bobby, what are you hoping to get for Christmas?” She asked, switching the topic back to their game.         The day continued fairly normally, with it being two weeks before Christmas that was. “Alright guys, don’t forget about the gift exchange coming up in a few weeks! She called out after the kids scrambling out the door at break-neck speed to get home. A quick response of “we will!” was all she got before they rushed outside and the classroom was silent, and Mrs. Smith sighed sadly as she looked at the picture of her husband on her desk.

“Alright everyone! It’s the last day before break, so I’ve decided that today we can take a break from the classwork, what do you think?” Mrs. Smith called over the cheering voices. “Let the gift exchange begin!” Only added to the chaos as everyone jumped up and ran around giving each other presents. By the time they had all been given out the chaos had subdued, and Mrs. Smith could see some of the kids had small smirks on their faces, and the excitement soon spread to the others. “Now why are you all so happy all of a sudden, besides the obvious?” She asked. “Well,” Celia piped up after a moment of awkward silence, “We wanted to get you a present to, Mrs. Smith.” She said slyly, “But it only just arrived.” Mrs. Smith had no idea what they were talking about until she saw a face peeking through the door, and she had to cover her mouth as her eyes watered and a gasp left her mouth as her husband walked into the classroom, still wearing his Army uniform but with a Santa hat on his head. He grinned elfishly and said, “Merry Christmas Lorelei.” Mrs. Smith sobbed and walked over to hug him, burying her face in his neck and hearing all her wonderful students clap and cheer happily. “I got a call from the Principal, he said that your students were stubborn about me coming home for Christmas.” He said, hugging her tight. “So I might have pulled some strings.” He said happily. “This is probably the best Christmas present I could have asked for.” She sobbed, “I cannot thank you guys enough!” “Group hug!” Bobby screeched, and soon they were surrounded by kids laughing and screaming. And Lorelei knew that there was no way she would be able to repay them. Although no homework might help…

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