Kairos: The Hero

By: Ethan Rampersaud

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

*Note: This is an extension of Elizabeth Rom’s story, a continuation told in another literary form. I was permitted by the original author to extend her original story.

You may have heard of the three appeals in persuasion: logos, ethos and pathos. But when all these appeals fail, and there seems to be no way to win, there is only one hero that can come at the right time.

In a previous story, Ethan and Patty have been abducted by a mysterious figure. It is up to a teenager, Kayla, to help them.

Kayla had sat down to her homework when she heard the doorbell ring in frantic succession. Although her parents were not home, she assumed it may be her neighbors. They needed her help, they always did. Whether it was babysitting, saving lost pets or helping the injured, she was always there when they needed her. But instead of the doorbell ceasing its redundant chime, it went in a constant cycle of rings.

Realizing that this may be serious, she made a dash for the door and swung it open. To her surprise, a group consisting of Ethan’s, Patty’s and Logan’s parents populated her front entrance. Their leader was Patty’s mother herself, whimpering and sniffling like a wounded animal.

“Kayla! Please you have to-” Patty’s mother frantically spoke.

“Slow down Mrs. Emma,” Kayla interrupted calmly, “What seems to be the problem?”

“My daughter! They’ve taken her! They also took poor little Ethan! Logan is okay, but they may be in danger.”

“Well, you came to me right in time, I can find out what’s going on.”

“Please hurry! We don’t know what will happen to them.”

Knowing this situation needed her help, and realizing that she could do the homework later, Kayla went outside, locked her door, and began searching for clues to save Patty and Ethan.

Kayla arrived at the scene on time, as it seemed that the culprit dropped something on their way to the van. An index card lay on the ground, with rushed scribbles that filled it. The note read:


Take the kids to the green warehouse on Fletcher St downtown. These kids’ parents might pay us handsomely this time. You will get a nice cut of the payment after the job’s done.


Kayla knew what the letter was talking about! When she worked at Sweetie’s Cupcake Shop downtown on weekends, she would overhear customers talking about the urban myth of the green warehouse two blocks away, where kids would enter and never come back, a mysterious Pied Piper leading to their disappearance.

Kayla drove downtown to the green warehouse, precisely three blocks from Sweetie’s. It could probably hold a hundred of Sweetie’s Cupcake Shops. It might take her hours, maybe even days to find the children. However, due to the impeccable timing and her sensitive, bat-like hearing, Kayla could hear what seemed to be muffled screams. Avoiding detection by the kidnappers, Kayla observed the scene.

Ethan and Patty were in chairs, tied up and gagged, powerless to speak or move. The group of avaricious kidnappers were snickering nicely, waiting for the moment they would be rewarded by worried parents.

Kayla realized that she could not take on these kidnappers alone. She needed to find help. Wait, she thought, the police can help me take these kidnappers. Kayla stealthily left the warehouse, not giving herself away to the menacing criminals. It may have been her lucky day that day, as there, outside the warehouse, stood a cop on break, eating an egg and cheese sandwich.

“Sir, I need your help,” Kayla told the officer, “There are children trapped in that green warehouse being held for ransom. These kidnappers need to be stopped. I saw them myself.”

The officer opened his car and placed the egg sandwich in the glove compartment.

“Thank you for the information ma’am,” the officer stated, “I will make sure that police are dispatched so they can enter the building and bring these felons under the law.”

A few minutes later, police surrounded the building. The kidnappers, including “Barry Davis,” whose real name was later identified by the police as “Thomas Johnson,” were read their rights and arrested for kidnapping.

As Kayla walked up towards the front of her house, she found herself surrounded by the arms of Patty’s mother, her face drowning in tears which was a mixture of relief and sadness.

“Thank you so much! I don’t know what I would have done. You saved my baby. You saved Ethan. Please, if there is anything I can do for you, I will.”

“No thank you Mrs. Emma,” Kayla responded, “All I wanted to do for this neighborhood was to keep it safe from whatever harm came in its way. I am happy your children are safe. I am glad that the people here are safe. No longer will people have to worry about threats and fear the future, for I, Kayla, am always there when you may need me.”

Once again, like many times before, Kayla has saved the day. She was not logical as Logan, ethical as Ethan, nor emotional like Patty and Mrs. Emma. She was just right there at the right time.


One thought on “Kairos: The Hero

  1. This is an awesome extension! I like how you kept to the theme of having the characters have similarly spelled names to their attributes.
    -Elizabeth Rom


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