The Lie He Loved

The Lie He Loved By: Daniel Walsh

Photo Credit: Max Pixel

Well I had this friend, and this particular friend, had a girlfriend, a much nicer one, then the one I had, not to say the one I had wasn’t nice but, his was nicer, and I’d already broken up with mine, but that wasn’t important. Well in short, even though that the teenage mind is overcome with emotions, and we can’t even begin to understand the prospect of true love, something he admitted to, it did seem like they were actually in “true love.” It was weird, it seemed like something rare, something different, something that only could be found when you had searched for centuries… but he found it in a day. He’d found something that made him happy, he was happier than when a child in the eastern countries found a bell cricket, but he wasn’t prepared for what he had to do in a few months. School was going to end in a few months and eventually, this semi-perfect pair, would have to split. Now, my friend loved science, and he compared a scientific explanation to his relationship… He said to me, “Ya know’ Humans have an extremely thin layer of atoms, blocking us from actually touching each other in anyway, and while it may feel like we’re touching, we’re not.” So I asked him, “Okay but how does this compare to your relationship?” “Because,” he said, “holding her hand is the best lie I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing, this deceit is not something bad, but something wonderful.” So if we jump through time a few months, he eventually pitched it to her that it was time to end it, which didn’t go over the way he’d hoped, instead of something with passion and feeling, all he got was a cold and solemn “okay.” He was disappointed, but it felt for him that a great burden was lifted off his back, to his unknowing, she was angry with him, she wouldn’t talk to him, much less text him, he maybe got lucky enough to get a thought of him from her… It bothered him obviously but he didn’t say it, and up till’ now it bothers him, she has gifts from him, locked away in a dark corner, or at least thats what it feels like to him, he told me before he ended it, that he felt there was no feeling anymore, ironic how the tides shifted, and circled back to science, the lie he lived was true in the scientific sense, but eventually ended in the emotional sense, and unfortunately this relationship died cold, crumpled, and scribbled on like a forgotten sketch, a good sketch that could’ve been something great, but was cut short by the artist’s own sad inhibition… I guess he did live a lie… how unfortunate for him…

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