By: Kathleen Locklear
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

They always told her that she had to move on, that he was gone and never coming back. She never believed them. He would come back, and he would come back alive. Call it a mother’s intuition, but she knew that her little boy would be back one day. The men that took him would be brought to justice, and he would be back.

It had been two months. He was still gone, and they still told her that she needed to move on. The time period where he was most likely to be found alive was gone. She still believed he would come back. He had to!

Another year passed. Finally, she believed them. Her little boy, her son, was gone. There was no way he was still alive, not after so long with no clue where he was. She became emotionless. Didn’t feel, didn’t laugh, didn’t cry.

Another year passed, with the same results. All her friends and family grew to accept her emotionless state. She learned how to live without feeling their happiness. Eventually, even the pain faded away. Her eyes were dull, hair lifeless, skin deathly pale. He had been her will to live, and now he was gone.

A week later, they got the call. They had found his body, and his killers had been brought to justice. At the trial, she remained emotionless, not commenting on the life or death of her five year old son, only staring at the men who had stolen him from her.

Only a day later, she was buried in a grave right next to his. He had been her will to live, and now he was gone. His killers had been brought down, and she could finally rest in peace. Her time without emotions was over, she was with him again.

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