The Midway Doorway

By: Carolyn Emerson
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

A door stands before me; a barrier or a midway point between the dark and the light. Behind me is a pitch-black darkness, one that is difficult to escape because it draws people in and refuses to release them. Ahead is a seemingly blinding white light that holds escape and endless possibilities; or so I’ve been told.

Perhaps everything I’ve learned about what’s ahead is a lie. Nobody ever comes back from the blinding light. Maybe it is as wonderful as they say it to be, so much so that none who enter with to return back to the darkness. On the other hand, what if it’s only a prison that’s brighter than the one that used to hold me. I stand in the doorway between the two areas and glance back and forth between them; light and dark, sunlight and shadows. This is how we’ve been taught to recognize it; to make it your life’s work to make it from the darkness to the brightness, but what if we were taught wrong.

It might be best to stay in the darkness and maybe it’s better there. Perhaps it’s safer to simply avoid possibilities of danger and possibilities of hurt. But then, we are also avoiding the possibilities of success and happiness. Is this the dilemma of everyone who makes it to this passageway? What do they want us to think and what do they want us to do? Should I go along with what I have been taught for years or go against it and see for myself?

I place my hand on the doorframe, a stack of stone bricks glued together in an archway between the two dimensions. I must make a decision and I cannot simply stay here for the rest of eternity; I must make a move elsewhere. My eyes peer towards the darkness behind me. Everyone says to leave the shadows as soon as possible, but maybe it’s just because there’s something hiding there that nobody wants you to find; a secret happiness, perhaps that nobody will discover unless they’re willing to go back through their struggles. I am willing to do that.

I pull my hand away from the doorway and return, stepping back into the shadows where I had recently emerged. This time, though, I had a new goal in mind. A goal that not many had had before; to find happiness in the darkness.

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