By: Kathleen Locklear

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

He was always waiting for her to come home, to come back from the war. Yet, some days it felt impossible. Some days it felt like she would never come home, and he would never see her again. They had met in college, not quite love at first sight, but close. She had been different back then, more open and caring towards others. She had changed, and then she had changed more. He knew she was changing before even she had, and he had accepted it. Not one month later she had joined the Marines, and not even a year after that she had gone overseas. He waited for the day when she would come home, and yet some days that seemed impossible. He knew that their relationship was near impossible, but still he waited.

He waited, and waited, and waited. He talked to her almost every day, and was worried whenever she didn’t call. The days she didn’t call grew more and more, until he was left in silence for weeks on end. He didn’t know where she went, or what she was doing. Still, he waited.

His family told him to forget her, that she had moved on to some soldier or local in the region. He didn’t believe them. He couldn’t! She loved him and he loved her. She wouldn’t leave him for someone else, would she? He waited.

He finally got a call one day, but not from her, from her commanding officer. She was coming home! Not in the way he had imagined, since she was coming home from being injured. He waited by her side in the hospital, holding her hand as she smiled at him. “They told me to forget about you, that it would be impossible for us to stay together,” she whispered. “That’s okay, they told me the exact same thing,” he replied, “Still, I waited for you, because I knew you would come back.” This made her smile wider, small tears glistening in her eyes. “I love you,” she said. “I love you too, and I always will,” he replied.

A year later he was waiting again, but now he was waiting to hold their baby in his arms, their new wedding rings shining in the light of the hospital.



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