The Star Crossed

The Star Crossed

By: Amanda Cloversettle

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

We say our stars tell stories and layout pictures with light,

but what is to become of the stories,

that the stars try so brutally to fight?

What happens when the lovers, different as night and day,

intertwine with faith despite the stars dismay?

What happens when such lovers,

try so hard to build a bridge over such quarrels,

their efforts shining through their face,

are the stars to deny them of love and a lovers embrace?

Or are the stars to bend to the will of such humane needs,

giving away to the requests the humans’ plead?

Our story of Verona tells of a tale,

with fate,

and love,

and two families jailed against the simplicity of a name!

And yet two lovers manage to find a way around the path their stars gave,

intertwining despite the impossible improbability of the stars saying it’s okay.

And yet they still searched and searched for a way,

a way to avoid the stars pathway and create a new day,

a day, and everlasting day that will keep out the stars and their misleading fate,

so those two lovers can enjoy such embrace.


As we know the day isn’t to last,

a tragedy approaches fast.

For the stars will not bend to their humane needs,

and Romeo and Juliet will not live as they plead,

but just as a legend,

a tale we rehearse,

to remind the lovers that the stars’ decisions are not ones we have the power to reverse.

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