True Pain

True Pain By Prestine Carter

True Pain

We all think we know what that is,

but we don’t

True pain isn’t stubbing your pinky toe on a table,

true pain isn’t accidently cutting yourself while shaving,

true pain isn’t getting a splinter in your foot

True Pain

That’s a much deeper feeling,

a feeling that can’t be described,

a feeling that hurts so bad there’s no appropriate way to react

The day I realized what true pain really was,

was a day to never forget,

it was a day that would change my view on life forever,

the pain didn’t last a day,

true pain lasts forever

True Pain

When the same woman that gave birth to you,

turns out to be the same woman that walks out on you,

that’s true pain

When you spend 14 years relying on the woman that created you,

just leaves,

leaves not only you,

but 3 other children she created,

just leaves,

even after how desperately you tried to keep her in your life

Not a single thing could repair that feeling,

not a single thing could make that pain go away,

true pain never goes away

True Pain

Seeing the same woman you thought would stay forever,

move 4,644 miles across the country for a new family,

a new husband,

a husband that no one knows nor met,

and 3 new children

The same woman that’s supposed to help you through the hard times,

is the same woman that puts you through hard times,

she’s aware of the pain,

too ignorant to care,

True pain,

it doesn’t go away,

after years of tears,

the mental pain will always be there,

True pain,

it left a scar.

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