Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

Writing and Photography by: Elizabeth Rom


Tunnel vision,

makes it hard to view the world,

You only see things from your perspective

not from others,

Most have never experienced

life somewhere else,

We don’t know how good we have it,

We take everything for granted,

Sometimes even less so,

As a person, we see our own flaws

more than we see other’s flaws,

As a citizen of our country

we often do the same,

People threaten to leave,

Talk constantly of how they are fed up with this government,

Yes it may be tough

but things could be worse,

Here you can do something about it,

Be grateful you have the freedom to say you want to leave,

Be grateful you can vote,

Be grateful you at least have some impact

on your countries government,

Rather than your country having an unauthorized impact on you,

Expand your vision,

Escape the tunnel.









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