To Be Heard

By Carolyn Emmerson

Often times in today’s society,

we are asked, “Why still be a feminist?”

It’s assumed that because we can vote,

we are men’s equal.


As if the wage gap

still didn’t bear down on us.

As if young women weren’t

shamed for how their body looks


As if victims weren’t blamed

for their own assault.

As if there still weren’t other countries

where women weren’t as lucky.


As if there weren’t all

of these issues and conflicts

that plague the existence

of every person in this world.


Every day, women go through

the shame and distress

that is harassment.

And nobody seems to do anything.


My femininity does not

allow you to touch me without consent

How I dress is not

an excuse for your actions.


Because if a woman wears a suit,

nobody bats an eye;

but the second a man wears a dress

everyone loses their minds.


Because according to society,

being feminine is a crime.

Yet being masculine, no matter the gender,

is thought of as an improvement.


These issues will not be solved

with a mere silent protest, no.

To be heard, we must fight,

we must fight back against what oppresses.


We will scream and shout at our foes

until our voices became hoarse enough

to be mistaken for a man

and they begin to listen to us.

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