An Accomplished Leader

By Joseph S. Hart Jr.

Leader, in fact, knew how —
How to grip the Farlands
It alone held the key
Straight to the finale

Brilliant speeches spoke
The slew of people woke
Everyone’s mind blasting
Pleasure for whoever

Leader however sees
Uncountable praises.
It seems Leader will
Launch us to our heyday

Now, all the people’s hopes
Espoused within Leader.
Nothing shall cause halt, in
His extravagant plans

Tragedy approaches
And all hopes are broken.
So long with the promise
The people all recall

Every being now contributes —
To the anti-Leader party

“Leader is dead!”
Heard over every town.
Head separated well
From neck, how delightful!

Nothing could be better —
More appropriate than this.
The crass adorations
From the ones who once hoped.

Ingenious struck Ruler
Who needed, too, to please.
Bandwagon with hatred
Leach off people’s great grief

As finality dawns,
Forever hated is
Leader the Terrible:
Enemy of Virtues

With that, Leader’s goal was
Realized by people who
Could no longer hope to
Understand what’s been done

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