Diamond Tears

By Kathleen Locklear

I used to be able to say tears were an awful thing, accompanied by ugly sobs and full body spasms, emotional anguish, and an emotional tide that ends in relief.

However, it has been a long time since then.

Now, I can look in the mirror, and watch these crystal clear tears roll steadily down my face, accompanied by dead silence, and nothing else.

They are like diamonds. Clear as can be, beautiful in a sense, and yet the more you have, the more you are stared at, gossiped about.

You dare not call for help, if someone did come, there was just the chance they would use you instead of help you, hurt you instead of aid you. You cannot trust anyone with them.

So, you keep them to yourself. Crying silently in your room, bathroom, kitchen, wherever you have to, as long as no one else was around.

The tears were beautiful, clear like diamonds, but just as hard and unforgiving.

You wish they would away…

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