What is Love

By Kathleen Locklear

What is love, you may ask?

Well, let me try to explain it to you

Love is looking into their eyes, and seeing gemstones

Love is hearing them talk, and hearing music and pure joy

Love is watching them move, and seeing an intricate dance

Love is crying when they cry, wiping away the tears

Love is sharing their pain and sadness, but also their joy and happiness

Love is dancing when they dance, laughing when they laugh

Love is listening to a stupid joke and laughing anyways

Love is not something you can put your finger on, love is all around you

Love is trusting them with all your heart

Sometimes, love leads to heartbreak, love is not always happy

Yet love is always there, and whenever love tears you down, it builds you back up

Love is love

And there is no other way to explain it, except to experience it


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