The Truth Behind Horror

By: Ethan Rampersaud
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

One night, in a movie theater,
Moviegoers panicked and in fright,
As they cringe in fear at startling screams,
And paralyzed at the gushing blood.

But is it the shrieks of macabre death,
Or the cascading crimson,
That truly strangles our startled souls?


It is that,
Which cannot be seen.

The phantom, unseen, unheard and unknown,
That lies behind the frightening facade,
Mastering the marionettes of misery.

Though poor souls,
Heroes and heroines,
Seek the saviors behind that fourth wall,
We can only watch,
But cannot take action.

In our lives,
The same can be seen,
Though we seek,
To guide ourselves to glory,

We are left on the sidelines,
Sitting and watching,
As life’s current compels us to follow.

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