Marching In

The poor toiled and starved, while the rich lived lives of luxury.

Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake”

But the commoners were tired of misery.

And so the Third Estate came marching in.


She wanted the right to vote, and she did too.

But he said she was weak, and belonged in the home.

They held a convention, to prove they could do what men could do

And so the women came marching in


They also wanted the right to vote, to be part of democracy

But they were held back by the shade of their skin

So from Selma to Montgomery to Washington DC

The African-Americans came marching in


The boys left home with photos in their pocket, along with hopes and dreams

They died in Vietnam’s green jungles, far from home, alone

Wishes for peace came pouring forth in streams,

And the anti-war activists came marching in


Girls wanted to love girls, boys wanted to love boys,

But the people said no, your love is wrong

All they wanted was the freedom of choice,

So the LGBTQ came marching in


One of their own was shot,

In what was believed to be cold blood,

It made words and tempers run hot,

So the BLM movement came marching in


She wasn’t content with making less,

Or being harassed at work,

Or being told she asked for it because she had on a short dress

So, again, the women came marching in.


They kept coming for their education,

And were mowed down in rows of red by a classmate’s bullets.

Nothing was being done to fix the situation,

So the students who survived came marching in.


Some places in n this world corruption reigns, and injustice thrives

But they are always there- the ones not afraid to get out there and

do what it takes to regain the quality of their lives.

So when all seems dark, and light begins to dim,

The people come marching in.

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