The Insanity Of The Night

By: Kiersten Lupinek
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

The moon is my companion;

The sea, my accomplice.

Seas of doubt.

Seas of worry.

A steady rocking that pulls me,

To and fro

To and fro

Lulling me to my slumber-less nights.

A steady rhythm calming me to my insanity.


The sun is my adversary;

The dawn, my enemy.

Dawns of trial.

Dawns of trying.

A harsh dragging that jerks me,

More and more

More and more

Demanding me to give tenfold.

An illusionist’s spiral drowning me in my sanity.


The moon stays,

Though it changes,

It is a constant.

The waves lap,

Though they move,

They are constant.


I may miss the dawn.

The sun will blind me.

But my moon and my sea,

They will remind me,

Remind me of the peace of insanity.

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