Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Jones

By: Ethan Rampersaud
Photo Credit: Pasco High School

When it comes to teaching something such as mathematics, it can be difficult to ingrain the concepts and ideas into students’ heads. In some cases, students are unmotivated by the rigor the course requires. In others, students face frustration when they cannot seem to understand the material, no matter how hard they try. However, with the help of an enjoyable, entertaining and understanding teacher, students are sure to reach their full potential. This is where Mrs. Jones, our Teacher of the Year, comes in. By understanding what students need to reach their goals, she is able to help them not only learn, but attain the curriculum that will serve them in the future.

With more than 15 years of experience under her belt, Mrs. Jones has consistently practiced the values and roles needed to teach effectively and efficiently. Over the years, she has understood that being a teacher means being a mentor, a guide, and most importantly a friend. In order to make learning enjoyable, she jokes around with her students and ties it to real life. In order to get students prepared for school spirit and pep rally, she wears the school colors of red and black, and makes sure students are informed of pep rally dates, so they have something exciting they can look forward to. This relaxed environment permits for a less stressful and a more successful learning experience.

She also demonstrates a desire for her students to succeed. Mrs. Jones understands that students need math to apply real life problem solving, no matter where they go. She also gets students to use what they have learned to think outside the box, and come up with solutions that aren’t spelled out. These principles especially help students in exams such as the SAT and the ACT, which create questions requiring students to think beyond recognizing the concept. She also believes that students can practice the values of our school by being compassionate for school and applying pride and quality in whatever they do. To Mrs. Jones, these values are very important, especially due to the changing environment in high school. More students on their electronic devices distract them from the schoolwork they are responsible for.

Finally, Mrs. Jones’s positive attitude is what makes Pasco High School a great place to learn. To her, she teaches math because it is a subject that she enjoys not only teaching, but also learning since high school. Her dedicated, hardworking and reliable work ethic is what received the admiration of her peers, as this is clearly seen in the achievement and success from her students now and later on in life. To newer faculty and staff, she advises them to ask questions if they are unsure about anything and encourages them to ask about things that might not be addressed in meetings. This shows she has a sense of teamwork, respect and enjoyment for the things she does.

Mrs. Jones is a person who respects others, is uplifting, and has contagious optimism. This kind of personality is what goes on to create progress, as it unites everyone to one goal: success. Like Mrs. Jones, we should bring ourselves up rather than let ourselves down, we should smile in the face of challenges rather than frown in despair. It is this goal that shall help our students achieve greatness in school and beyond.

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