Written By: Kathleen Locklear
Photo Credit: Creative Commons

He could see into her eyes, her bright green orbs staring back at him, greener than anything he had ever seen. They reminded him of the forests, shining green leaves and grass glistening with dewdrops. They reminded him of emeralds, sparkling and shimmering beautifully in the light. Her eyes were what had first drawn him to her, and oh how he loved her eyes as she stared back at him in horror.

He felt sorry for her, in a way, but her eyes had called to him in a way he could not ignore. It would be a shame for those eyes to be hidden from the rest of the world, but he was determined to keep them forever. He said when they first met that he would keep her forever for those eyes and she had laughed, taken it as a joke and emerald orbs shining merrily. Little had she known how serious he was.

He hummed to himself happily, moving to clean up the mess he made, putting bleach, mops, and garbage bags on his shopping list. He skirted around the fireplace mantle, the jar with emerald eyes still staring at him in horror.

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