By Anonymous

Look out the window, see the wind blow

See the grass shivering in the breeze

Red lights begin to flash

And bring man to their knees

What could it be?

Someone being the change they wished to see?

Or the buzzer beeping past it’s snooze

Showing the world it’s own views


Look out, the water is crashing

Moving and sifting the sand

Shields go up and the tears fall down

As the waves get what they planned

Is this what it’s for?

Getting what’s equal is asking for more?

Or turn the knob for your water

Waves crash out to come and slaughter


Look out, look out, the bullets rain

As the drops blow through the air

Don’t look, if you don’t care


Look out, take cover from the fire

Rake your leaves and roll up your sleeves

Because in this hell the only rule

Is what the man himself believes

Who did we choose?

Someone who litters the news?

Ignite the fire within you

To take out the man we knew


Look out, hide in the earth

Take refuge from the war

Words and lies take the show

Wait for combat or something more

Why does that control the door?

Opened or closed what’s it all for?

It’s just a game of cards

Leave the children with the guards

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