Comic Relief

By Kathleen Locklear

I know I’m the comic relief in the story

Carrying the conversations, bringing the jokes and smiles and grins

When they are sad and down, crying hopeless tears, I am always there to collect the pieces, making frowns into smiles.

I know I’m the comic relief, yet I keep going with a smile.

Sometimes I wonder why I do it, why I keep trying to get them to grin and laugh.

Yet the next day when they are down I do it again, giving them hugs and saying jokes to make them smile again.

And the day after I’m cast aside.

I know I’m the comic relief

There for the smiles and the laughs, tossed aside the next second when my purpose is served.

I know no one will ask how I feel, that’s not my point after all, I’m not the main character.

I’m just the comic relief

And yet there I go again, laughing and joking and making more grins on down faces.

And the day after tossed aside again.

Oh I’ve tried a few times, to get their attention, talk about how I feel behind the smiles.

I get a smile and a pat on the back, get distracted by something I like and eventually forget about what happened.

Or at least they think I do.

“Oh it’s fine, it’s just a bad day, I’ll be fine”

I won’t be fine

I’m the comic relief of the story

And I’m tired of it.

Perhaps it’s time for the comic relief to become the antagonist…

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