Ms. FairWeather

By: Kiersten Lupinek

Hello Ms. Fairweather

It’s nice to meet you

It’s nice that you know me

It’s nice to know you too


You picked her Ms. Fairweather

I guess her skies were clear

I am an ocean; an oncoming storm

The one a faint of heart knows to fear


Welcome back Ms. Fairweather

Of course you’re back

You didn’t like her lightning

You expect me to pick up her slack


I’m confused Ms. Fairweather

Why do you tell lies?

I tried to ask what was wrong

And now I’m the bad guy


Goodbye Ms. Fairweather

You’ve had your fun

Leave me alone

For with your games, I’m done


No more Ms. Fairweathers

I’ve done my time

With friends who leave

And act if they commit no crime


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