Why You Should Join Y.E.S.

Written By: Ethan Rampersaud
Photo Credit: Ethan Rampersaud

The landscape of Dade City is changing. What once was a quiet town with a relatively small population is now facing the inevitable threat of noisy and crowded urban sprawl. Eventually, this threat will bring a wave of gentrification that will displace low-income households that cannot afford the higher standard of living it brings. What can we do to help our students adapt to this changing environment?

The Young Entrepreneurial Students Program, also known as Y.E.S, is a non-profit organization in Dade City that can help middle school and high school students prepare for the wave of gentrification. The organization provides them opportunities to create business ventures that will provide them with a competitive advantage. This opens a window to a plethora of opportunities students can seize in order to overcome poverty and hardship. Can you imagine who can pass through that window? The next executive, director, or administrator can attain their goals through the concerted effort of our community.

What Y.E.S needs right now is students, students that are willing to take risks, learn from their mistakes, and overcome adversity. Pasco High School can provide these students. There are students in our school who want to begin investing in business ventures but do not have the resources available to do so. Through Y.E.S, these students can access resources that can lead them to success that will last beyond their time at Pasco High School. Furthermore, the organization offers tutoring that can help students in subjects they struggle with, such as mathematics and English. This especially benefits our local students, as many cannot afford the price of tutors outside of school. With tutoring from Y.E.S, the school’s GPA will likely experience a potential rise, and students will likely be more motivated to learn the curriculum provided by their teachers, as Y.E.S would help them attain a better understanding of the material. Additionally, the organization is open from Monday to Thursday. It is open on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2 to 5 PM, and it is open on Tuesday from 2 to 7 PM, which are ideal after-school hours for local students. I believe Pasco High should take advantage of this opportunity to improve the students who need the most help.

Lastly, I believe some of our after-school clubs could partner with Y.E.S to further benefit our students. For instance, the Future Business Leaders of America can work with the organization to create ways to teach future entrepreneurs, and groups such as the Cambridge Ambassadors and our National Honors Society chapter can aid Y.E.S by offering tutoring services to students in need. Through this, our community can work together to support all our students in whatever direction life takes them.

This school year, let us work together to better both our school community and the local community of Dade City. When we do this, we can prepare our community for the changes that come its way. When we do this, we can lessen the impact gentrification has on our local neighborhoods and communities. When we do this, we can be prepared for the future.

For more information, go to: https://youngentrepreneurialstudents.org/

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