A War in My Head

By: Arielle De Brock

No one knows the life of a soldier until they’ve lived it.

No one understands the dangers of the battleground until they stand on it.

Every day, there is a battle no one’s aware of.

And each of the soldiers falls, eventually consumed by the cannibalistic enemy.

They’re always outnumbered, yet they never surrender.

They fight for a cause little could care about.

Yet they are driven knowing that there is someone who’s touched by their efforts.

For every soldier that dies, I weep,

And for every small victory, I smile.

Yet I am the only one touched by this battle.


Perhaps it is because it’s in a strange place,

Somewhere dark where words echo along the cave-like walls.

A place where only one prisoner is kept.

Someone who is chained to the wall;

Whenever she cheers for her soldiers, another chain is added.

And each extra chain that’s added drops an atomic bomb on the soldiers.

The prisoner is told it can all end if she surrenders.

She contemplates this every day, wondering what she should choose,

But because I’m alive, she’s still fighting.

The war isn’t over, and I don’t know if it will ever be.

But I do know that there are brave soldiers fighting for me:

My life

My happiness

My sanity


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