Below are some of the best essays written by Pasco High School students. Those wishing to submit essays in any genre may do so by visiting our about page.

“Critical Reading of the Matrix,” by Gus Hoff
“Failing to Succeed: How Failure Brings Success,” by Ethan Rampersaud
“Pleasure Before Pain,” by Ethan Rampersaud
“One Person, One Idea,” by Gabriel Quigley
“Is There Truly Such a Thing as Normal?” Ethan Rampersaud
“Why Timed Writing Should Stop,” by Ethan Rampersaud
“Are We Too Connected?”
by Ethan Rampersaud
“Our Country Is Under Fire,”
by Hannah Davidson
“Maurice White and I,” by Ethan Rampersaud
“What Takes Courage,” by Ethan Rampersaud
“In Defense of Movies Based on Books,” by Ethan Rampersaud
“Why Students Should Be Allowed to Wear Hats,”
by Ethan Rampersaud
“The Corruption of Love in ‘The Story of an Hour,'”
by Darryl Scott

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