Below is some of the best poetry written by Pasco High School students. Those who wish to submit poetry in any genre may do so by visiting our about page.

 “True Pain,”  byPrestine Carter
“The Star Crossed,”
by Amanda Cloversettle
“From the Soothsayer’s Perspective,”
by Ethan Rampersaud
“2,350 miles,”
by Lee Harris
“A Poem For My Dearest,”
by Ethan Rampersaud
by Lee Harris
“Today,” by Evylene Williams
“A True Love,”
by Ethan Rampersaud
“Rich,” by Ethan Rampersaud
“A Grave Thought,” by Carolyn Emerson
“Welcome to This World,” by Ethan Rampersaud
“Untitled,” by Nicole McAllister
“Day vs. Knight,” by Brody Gommier
“The Little Bird,” by Evelyne Williams
“From the Point of View of the Trees,” by Jana Connelly
“Eye for a Life,” by Ethan Rampersaud
“Human= Homo sapien,” by Avery Jennings
“Rude and Kindness,” by Kiersten Lupinek
“Broken Heart,” by Ethan Rampersaud
“Sonnet: Writer’s Block,” by Ethan Rampersaud
“The Death Clock,” by Morgan Hawkins
“The Darkness,”
by Elizabeth Rom
“Secondhand Youth,” by Avery Jennings
“Frozen Pierce,” by Garret Harrison
“A Match,”
by Avery Jennings
by Garret Harrison
by Garret Harrison
“Heart’s Desire,” by Morgan Hawkins
“Power,” by Garret Harrison
“The Frozen Cathedral,” by Darryl Scott
“A Dream is but a spirit,” by Ethan Pike
“Starlight,” by Garret Harrison
“Going Back,” by Abiel Llanes
“Only The Dark Can Dwell Within Me,”
by Elizabeth Merwin
“Fight, Fight for Your Life,” by Garret Harrison
“Light,” by Garret Harrison
“Marks,” by Garret Harrison
“Broken Glass,” by Darryl Scott
“At what point does,” by Victoria Delarue
“FixTomorrow,” by Abraham Ivie


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