Short Prose

Below is some of the best short prose written by Pasco High School students. Those wishing to submit short prose in any genre may do so by visiting our about page.

“Eyes,” by Kathleen Locklear
“She Was a Sunset,” by Sami Hinz
“Trial of Time,” by Kathleen Locklear
“Dance of Death,” by Kathleen Locklear
“Sticky Notes,” by Kathleen Locklear
“Longing,” by Kathleen Locklear
“Uncomfortable Silence,” by Anonymous
“The Library,” by Kathleen Locklear
“Listen to Lorena,” by Carolyn Emerson
“Man’s Best Friend,” by Kathleen Locklear
“A Letter From the Moon,” by Drea Agapius
“Diamond Tears,” by Kathleen Locklear
“Shards,” by Kathleen Locklear
“When Time Runs Out,” by Carolyn Emerson
“Letters Home,” by Sami Hinsz
“Touch Deprivation,” by Drea Agapius
“Monsters,” by Kathleen Locklear
“The Smiling Man,” by Kevin Foughty
“Offered Hand,” by Kathleen Locklear
“Untitled,” By Enrique Hernandez
“Anonymous,” by Anonymous
“Romeo and Juliet Concept Fanfiction,” by Stephanie Cauthen
“When a Thief Met Kindness,” by Ethan Rampersaud
“Emotionless,” by Kathleen Locklear
“The Midway Doorway,” by Carolyn Emerson
“The Lie He Loved,” by Daniel Walsh
“The Midas Camera,”
by Ethan Rampersaud
“Stereotype,” by Paige Jacobs
“The Season of Two Names,”
by Elizabeth Rom
“A Flower River,” by Paige Jacobs
“Lost Through The Window,” by Carolyn Joy Emerson
“Voyages of Something,” by Molly Bentley
“I’ll Meet You in Your Nightmare,” by Paige Jacobs
“Nightmare” by Carlos Miramon
“Pity,” by Carlos Miramon
“Dream,” by Carlos Miramon
“Song of Life,” by Darryl Scott
“The Animus Of Life,” by Carlos Miramon
“The Magenta Rose Within the Black Rose Bush,” by Bri Stanford
“Pink Skies,” by Gabriel Quigley
“The Room,” by Darryl Scott
“Family Man,” by Abiel Llanes
“Paint the Town,” by Carson Rio

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